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Working in collaboration with buyers and providers of BDS and various local and international strategic partners, C4G also believes it can facilitate a process of learning and generating knowledge that will enhance the impact of the efforts aimed at increasing the role of SMMEs in the economy.

It is essential to attract additional stakeholders in order to maximise the impact of lessons learned. For ED funders, Catalyst for Growth offers data and M&E on your BDS providers through our analytics platform to improve the impact of Enterprise Development initiatives; for BDS providers, it offers a means of attracting clients through enhanced visibility and a M&E system for quantifying your own impact; for policy makers, it offers a wealth of lessons learnt and data facilitating informed resource allocation, management and sectoral understanding consequently maximising the impact of policy design; for SMME investors, it offers a pipeline of investment-ready SMMEs supported by high quality BDS and; for SMMEs, it offers a tool to monitor your own business performance and possible funding opportunities.

Catalyst for Growth is actively signing up SMMEs and investors to become investment partners, new BDS providers to sign on to the analytics platform, and incorporating new enterprise development programmes to contribute to and enhance the analytics platform.
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