“Corporate enterprise and supplier development (ESD) investments play an essential role in building a vibrant South African business community….”

Corporate Partnerships with Catalyst for Growth

Corporate enterprise and supplier development (ESD) investments play an essential role in building a vibrant South African business community and creating employment for South Africans. Committing to use Catalyst for Growth when buying BDS is a cost-free way to maximise the impact of the ES ontributions you already make.

How can Catalyst for Growth help enterprise development programmes?


By maximising the impact of spending on BDS. Using the free Catalyst for Growth ratings when selecting BDS partners can increase the social impact of a company’s ED spending without necessitating costly research and due diligence on providers. The ratings minimise the time and cost required to make informed ED decisions.



By ensuring the quality of services provided to SMEs in supply chains. New BBBEE codes are increasing incentives to focus enterprise development on SMEs within the corporate supply chain. South African corporates are also beginning to realize the value, competitive advantage, and return on enterprise development investments when they focus on strengthening the enterprises within their supply chain. Catalyst for Growth is a simple way to ensure the quality of BDS provided to supply chain SMEs. This support can lead to improved product quality, greater ability to scale, higher survival rates, and lower pricing from the SMEs supplying to the company.


What is involved in becoming a Catalyst for Growth Corporate Partner?

By signing on as a Catalyst for Growth Corporate Partner, companies can make a powerful statement of commitment to the strategic development of small business in South Africa. Catalyst for Growth will publicly recognise this pioneering group of corporate ED leaders on its website and within its marketing materials. This programme does not require a significant commitment; corporate partners are simply asked to:


Sign the Corporate Preference Letter. Becoming a signatory of the Catalyst for Growth Corporate Preference Letter shows public support for the programme. By formally indicating a preference to work with rated entities, corporate partners create a clear incentive for BDS providers to sign up to be rated. While non-binding, this statement shows that a company takes enterprise development seriously and is committed to building a vibrant and inclusive South African entrepreneurial environment.



Complete the online sign up form. On the sign ups page please follow the corporate sign up form. Someone from Catalyst for Growths team will then contact you for additional information to assist in creating your platform profile.


How can corporates learn more about Catalyst for Growth?

For more information about Catalyst for Growth or the Corporate Partnership Programme, please contact us at

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