C4G Analytics Platform

BDS Providers on the Catalyst for Growth Analytics Platform

BDS providers have an important role to play in the development of the South African economy. Catalyst for Growth’s goal is to make the BDS marketplace more transparent by separating high performers from those with lower performance results.

By joining the Catalyst for Growth platform, BDS providers will be able to demonstrate the quality of their BDS services to the general public. They will also benefit from the opportunity to facilitate access to capital for the SMEs in their programme though Catalyst for Growth.

If you are a BDS provider interested in joining the analytics platform, please contact us at info@catalystforgrowth.org.

What is the value of the Catalyst for Growth analytics platform to a BDS provider?

Attract new clients. The Catalyst for Growth platform will increase the market competitiveness of BDS providers by acting as a platform that clearly sets apart high-quality BDS providers from lower-quality BDS providers. Further, being part of the Catalyst for Growth platform can help to smooth the transition to new markets by acting as an indication of value in locations where the provider’s brand is not yet well-known.

Connect SMMEs with finance. Catalyst for Growth can assist in securing investment for clients by leveraging data collected to engage investors. SMEs BDS providers can opt to have data about their business forwarded to our investment partners. This service both streamlines the process of introducing SMEs to investors and helps to demonstrate to clients the direct link between BDS and their ability to secure finance.

Continuously improve impact. Catalyst for Growth will provide BDS providers with annual data on the impact of the services on client SMEs that is rigorous, comparable, and independent. The methodology will be designed with transparency and analytical rigour in mind, such that the results are useful to BDS providers.

How can BDS providers get involved in Catalyst for Growth?

Catalyst for Growth is currently inviting practitioners to join the Beta Group. Catalyst for Growth is currently signing up pioneer BDS providers to be part of the Beta Group. Providers of all types can sign up today, and there is no cost to providers who wish to join the Catalyst for Growth platform. If you are interested in learning more about Catalyst for Growth or signing up for the platform, please contact us at info@catalystforgrowth.org.

Participating BDS Providers

Catalyst for Growth has developed a methodology and audit process for its analytics platform. Information about focus groups and beta testing will be released in the coming months. For more information about the platform, please email info@catalystforgrowth.org. You can also sign up directly through the sign up page.

Since the platform went live in 2017 there have already been 19 BDS providers on-boarded

Analytics Platform Methodology

Catalyst for Growth has developed a methodology and audit process for its analytics platform. This has been created through the research conducted in pilot and beta project, but also with the feedback we received through C4G’s stakeholder engagement process.

Feedback will always be important to C4G. This being said, 2017 will be used to get additional feedback on the platform so that we can conduct a second round of development. We welcome sign ups to the platform this year and additional feedback from all stakeholders in the BDS community.

We will upload our updated methodology soon.