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Catalyst for Growth (C4G) is a non-profit company that was conceptualised by JP Morgan Foundation and Dalberg Global Development Advisors as an intervention to promote and introduce quality Business Development Service (BDS) Providers to corporates seeking to optimise the impact of their Enterprise Development (ED) spend on small-medium-and-micro-sized enterprises (SMMEs), by increasing transparency and aligning stakeholder incentives in the BDS marketplace.

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Grow Your Small Business With SAB Foundation

Dear Friends and Colleagues, We are embarking on our most ambitious search yet for SA’s most promising and determined entrepreneurs. Only 60 places are available nationally for the SAB Foundation Tholoana Programme, which typically achieves an annual growth rate per...

2018 Emerging Findings – The C4G Annual Report

C4G is driven by the ideal of providing a simple way of monitoring, evaluating and benchmarking quality amongst many Business Development Programmes delivered by various BDSPs in South Africa. The process has the potential to increase the impact that BDSP’s have on...

Entrepreneurship Must Not Be Unrealistically Glamourised

“Entrepreneurship is often glamourized and sometimes seen as a panacea to solving social ills and transforming the economy, but this can lead to unrealistic expectations and individuals not being prepared for the demands of this journey,” cautions Mimi Kalida,...

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Key Findings

“BDS providers that performed best on quantitative metrics of their SMMEs (specifically, improvements in revenue growth, margins and business processes), were not those that SMMEs were most likely to recommend”

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“C4G’s input provides a benchmark for monitoring remedial interventions, & provides the substance to determine which interventions work or do not work. Essentially, the trends identified by C4G provide the framework necessary to elevate the success of SMMEs and industry role players alike…”

“We are big proponents of the independent data & verifiable benchmarking process that C4G offers. The data generated provides Fetola, as well as other stakeholders in the ecosystem, insights that support business growth…”

“C4G has a vital role in the future of business development in our country. Its evidence-based approach has the potential to be a game changer not only in South Africa but throughout the continent…”

Bridgit Evans: Executive Director – SAB Foundation

Catherine Winjberg: Founder & Director- Fetola

Mimi Kalinda: Founder – Africa Communications Media Group

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